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Monthly Archives: July 2015

Dad Making Muscles

31 July 2015 by Rey Armenteros

Here’s a recent drawing done in acrylic, with before and after shots. It’s a memory of my dad clowning around. When I draw from memory like this, it’s like attempting to take a snapshot of something that was never captured before. I don’t use reference of any kind. I’m just trying to tap into something that still resides in memory.

I like the earlier phase, and sometimes it’s difficult to determine if pushing it would ruin the freshness it seems to have. In this case, I’m not sure which I like better. Though there’s something fresh about the earlier phase, I almost always note that┬ámy earlier phases do not bring out the forms to the degree I usually desire.

Dad (early)Dad Making Muscles

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My Art on a Vacation Brochure

15 July 2015 by Rey Armenteros

We drove the hundreds of miles from Los Angeles to Oregon to deliver the artwork for my solo show. We stayed at a Comfort Inn and woke up the next day for breakfast. As we were starting to get ready to leave, my cousin brought me this brochure. It was advertising upcoming shows for FireHouse Gallery among the other vacation brochures you find in a chain hotel. (You know, the pamphlets promoting theme parks and zoos.) Never in my strangest thoughts had I ever pictured myself in one of them.


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