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From Recent Memory

06 November 2015 by Rey Armenteros

SKINS 2_0005

Our daughter went through a stage where she would suddenly yell for as long and as loud as she could. I tried to bring those days back in this. It looks nothing like her, and it feels nothing like such moments, but I like the drawing nonetheless.

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Diptych Breakdown

01 November 2015 by Rey Armenteros


Bewilderment is what took hold of┬áme when I was looking at my own paintings exhibited like this. I was part of a group show, and the organizers assured me that they understood that the two panels were supposed to go together. Though I didn’t tell them anything at the closing reception because the show was on its last days, I couldn’t understand how they got it wrong. The space in between the two panels was large enough to hang another painting, and not visible in the picture is the fact that the left panel is creeping into the corner of the wall, which was dangerously close to an image in the show that was exhibited at 45 degrees from that corner. Why anyone would ever hang these two panels like this is beyond me, especially when they knew it was intended to be a diptych (or two-part painting). Without mentioning the show or the organization, (or the several other problems I had with them), I can say it is not likely I will work with them again. The image below is the diagram I gave them when I first submitted.

Of Dancing Trees & Collapsing Towers2

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