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A Break, Adrenaline, and then a Break

31 March 2017 by Rey Armenteros

IMG_8855 copy 2

The adrenaline of ideas creates a harmonious bell arc.

You hadn’t painted in about three weeks and all the ideas that you had jotted down for future use are either lost or not as brilliant as you had suspected. You decide that the best momentum is that brought about by work, regardless if you have a lack of ideas. You decide to paint the first thing that came to mind. Okay, that was a mistake, admittedly.

You go on to the next thing that occurs to you. This is better. But what do you want to do with all this? You keep going. You start slow and end slow. But it is in the middle, when the ideas are coming at you too fast to get all down that you are at the very peak of speed and connection.

Life then interrupts, as it is wont to do, or you start that steady decline into the same ideas rolling over each other, and you take another break.

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