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Some Old Factory or Warehouse

17 February 2016 by Rey Armenteros

SKINS 2_0004

I see this every time I drive up the I-5. I caught some of the details and lost others. The rudiments of coming up with something from memory allows for this sort of ambiguity. I sometimes wonder what is the best way to approach memory work. Is it better to make it all up in order to work with visual knowledge you already know without hamstringing yourself with attempts at capturing actual reality? Or should you only record the reality you know and forget all the details you can’t recall? Or is better to have a completely different approach, like making it up as you go along?

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Pure Memory

08 January 2016 by Rey Armenteros

SKINS 2_0002

This is from pure memory, but what does that mean? To me, it could be something as simple as I got this out of my head. But since this is the way I always work, I know there are facets to it most of us take for granted. For example: This is a general memory from my dad’s living room, and there was no doubt a lamp where you see it, but if that lamp looked exactly like that one you see in the picture is highly doubtful. I had to make it up in most places because I simply do not recall. His face, on the other hand, is from whatever I could bring back from direct memory, which is also spotty. There are also points where this picture has taken embellishments because there comes a point to most paintings and drawings where you try to make it clearer or closer to the goal you set out for it.

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New Large Drawings

16 May 2015 by Rey Armenteros

Recently, I’ve had to make drawings in a larger format than I usually pursue. In addition, ink wash and pen and ink are two media that I no longer use. They pose a challenge and – who knows? – I might learn something.

Here are two of them.

Self-PortraitpsdFLAT Nude

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Travels Again in Korea

08 April 2015 by Rey Armenteros


I was abroad for a week and a half. Here are some shots I took of a Buddhist temple in Jiri-San, South Korea. Having lived in Korea a few years, I read somewhere that you should not exit the temple by the same way that you entered, and I recall that the reasoning behind this was that we enter this life through one manner (that is, birth) and exit it through a wide variety of possibilities that do not resemble the entrance. Here, we entered two times, and left by two different paths (both different from the entrance).

The tone of the day made this a real moment.

IMG_1849 IMG_1846 IMG_1837 IMG_1835

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