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Jury Duty Sketches

08 May 2015 by Rey Armenteros

The last time I was in Miami, I found some sketches in my mom’s garage, and they triggered the story behind a court case that happened over twenty years ago.

For two weeks, I was part of a jury on a heroine trafficking case. The police caught the defendants in a reverse-sting operation in New York City outside a Nathan’s. It was tried in Miami because the deal started there, if I remember correctly.

We weren’t supposed to talk about the case to anybody, including our fellow jurors. Fascinated by the tale being unraveled before us, I wanted to express it somehow and could only do it by taking my memories out of the courtroom and drawing them in my sketchpad during my lunch hour, and I suppose I wanted to use it (and notes I may have taken) for some future work that never came into being.

Our case ended in mistrial.

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