Through Concentrated Breath

the making of images from memory


27 February 2017 by Rey Armenteros

When I say that these drawings covered the best subject matter I would ever make, it is a subtle consideration, and it may not be self-evident in the images I have so far included.

Scan 19

Changes came when I moved to the Shinchon neighborhood of Seoul, Korea. I don’t know what it was. I had been living in Ilsan, which was a suburb of Seoul, cut off from everything, and now I was in the thick of it. Shinchon was a college section of town, and it had everything. I was living in an old part of it that had personality and winding, labyrinthine alleys that sparked my curiosity. I discovered an art supply store and bought tiny blocks of watercolor paper, a little larger than postcards.

And my art’s subject matter was shifting as I was using more of these tiny papers. If I were to describe it in one or two words, it would be energy, vitality. In the pushing and pulling of strokes and marks, I was meeting perfect strangers that populated these brand new settings and was thrilled by the prospects these new characters were giving me.

Even after making many of these new drawings, I felt it was going somewhere that had not yet arrived; all it needed was a little more pushing, more images – images that were going to derive from connections and form new contexts, developing new worlds, new situations, new narratives.

Scan 20 Scan 20b Scan 21

A man sharing his art with the world at large.

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