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The Constant Flow

21 September 2017 by Rey Armenteros

The way I’m presenting the work online might run into organizational confusion. For example, I’ve been showing older paintings in various places, but I am currently selling prints related to my newer work. And this newer work is not the most recent work. My Tumblr is showing work from my time in Shinchon, Korea starting from first to last, and my Instagram is showing the same work from last to first. This blog shows work as it comes up in my thoughts, and I am currently making work absolutely no one has ever seen.

In presenting my work, I am not trying to confuse. I should inoculate the madness with a little order. I should come up with that game plan that’s going to put my work in the best light.

But life is complicated. A career in art is just as complicated (and confusing), and there are no set standards to such careers. I’m putting this stuff out as best I can, in the order that it occurs to me, and it may make sense to do it otherwise, but I don’t know how.

No regrets.

A man sharing his art with the world at large.

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