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The Kurdles

03 October 2015 by Rey Armenteros


Sally Bear and Pentapus are now household names in our home. For my daughter’s birthday, I decorated her banner with both these characters in tandem with Spiderman and some Korean childhood characters. What has made this book special for us is that I am now reading to her once again after many months wherein she only wanted her mother to read to her. It grips her, but it also holds my attention, especially in the way that it feels like something I had encountered before in my own youth. Every time we finish the story, I recognize it has made inroads for further adventures and I wonder what those will be like and when they will be made available. I keep puzzling over it, imagining events that may not happen but that are feasible in this world Robert Goodin has created. And our copy is extra special in that he signed it for her with a custom drawing he did at the Long Beach Comic Con.



All images in this post copyright Robert Goodin.


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