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the making of images from memory

The People that Keep Coming Back

25 July 2017 by Rey Armenteros

It has occurred to me that for years, my work was about the constant search for people and places and that every stranger I approached with my ink washes and acrylic pile ups were actually people I had met before in other drawings I had done.

Stacking thousands of hand-made images and looking for answers, I populated the world I always wanted to work with, and at the time, I hardly even knew it. Maybe I was looking at this as practice or exploration for the “real” images when they would one day come. There it was already coming together, and I was looking for more and more. The same face would return under the wild strokes of fortune, or I would bask in the colors of a horizon so regular, I had the odd feeling I had been there before.

At my various social media places, I have been posting and posting these monstrosities and finding between them patterns I might have missed during that time I was making them. There were relationships between the drawings that were pushing toward an oblique narrative.

Nowadays, I feel I’m still searching, but instead of searching for new faces, I am spending my time looking for the ones I already know and hoping to realize their stories soon.

A man sharing his art with the world at large.

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