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What to do After Life’s Big Changes

08 August 2017 by Rey Armenteros

We moved. And now I’m looking at unfinished paintings that I had started before the move to try to see how I could finish already. This entails uncovering what I was trying to do with these particular paintings in the first place.

A great deal of time and meaningful events have divided the last time I contemplated this work and now. I’m trying to remember what I’m trying to say with them.

We bought a house. We went through the tremendous energy of gutting our old home, and we moved much of this displaced stuff to the new home. Then, we organized all of our possessions (including these unfinished drawings and paintings that I couldn’t find at first), and we were also making changes to the new house. We had to take care of peripherals with our child’s school and utilities and the rest of all that. We had a long list of other things in order to have life continue once again. We bought a second car. And after all this, we tried to look for the life we had left behind, look for the past things we had misplaced.

And now is when I’m starting to think about my art again, over two months after having lost touch with it. What you see here is some of what I have. Where do I start?

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